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Are you an engineering, quality, safety or ops management professional? Is it your job to improve process or reliability? Are you interested in getting a hands on look at the newest in manufacturing and production technology without a hard sell? Technology & Torque is right for you!

Get ready for a day full of discovery and product education.
The Tool House is presenting our annual trade show at a new venue, the Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee. We have invited our top vendors to bring in their best products and newest technology for one reason; to educate and inform our customers. The bottom line of this show is to increase YOUR bottom line. Please join us for this open house style event to see the absolute best tooling and equipment in the industry, and to enjoy an eventful day with The Tool House.


“How can I reduce assembly errors without affecting the speed and output of our current process?”
Take a look at modern applications tool storage to full automated software systems.


From workstation flooring to torque arms, we have you covered. Come demo the latest solutions and hear how ergonomics can effect your bottom line.


Successful material removal is a combination of the right tool and the proper add-on parts. Come take a look at a wide variety of power tools and bits and abrasives for all applications.


Back injuries from moving products cost companies a whopping $593 million a year. Come try applications from jibs to cranes, vacuum lift assist to hoists.


How big is your application? We have torque applications that range from ridiculously large to precise and micro. Come find the solution that is right for you.


Power is great but power tools aren’t going anywhere. Wire cutters, screwdrivers, and more…come try out your new addition to the tool box.


Whether you are coming for the whole day are just a couple of hours, check out the schedule of events for the day.

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Cory Censky

Breakout Session 1

Internet of Things: The Next Revolution in Manufacturing It is no surprise that we have become more connected. Smart homes, cars, plants and cities are a reality. This connectivity creates a wealth of knowledge to be harnessed. How does this translate to manufacturing? Internet of Things (IoT) or Manufacturing 4.0 in Europe is the natural evolution of the manufacturing process. The next evolution of manufacturing is utilizing the inter-connectivity of devices, tools, and ERP systems to harness the raw data to create predictive models to cut costs and waste, increase safety, deliver hard data to end users faster and where they want it. IoT is the future; are you ready?

Eventbrite - The Internet of Things


The Peace

Cory Censky

Manages Pivotware Process Control product line for North American region of Canada, US, and Mexico. Coordinate with overseas counterparts on global projects, and provide market needs for product development. PivotWare provides innovative process control systems solutions for assembly operation to Aerospace and Automotive manufacturers.

Paul Ryznar

Breakout Session 2

Augmented reality has transformed from a futuristic idea into today’s real-world applications. Augmented reality has both online and offline applications. It can be used for production, training, conceptual design, quality control and more.The usage is only limited by the imagination of the user and is infinitely expandable with peripheral devices.

Eventbrite - Future of Augmented Reality in Manufacturing


The Peace

Paul Ryznar

Paul is the Founder, President, and CEO of OPS Solutions. Paul founded the company in 2005, and has nearly 30 years of operations experience including senior management roles as Vice President/Plant Manager at Detroit Diesel, Bosch, and Vice President Production Technology at Energy Conversion Devices. Paul holds a BSME and MBA, both from the University of Michigan. OPS Solutions was recently recognized with a “Michigan 50 Companies to Watch” award as a rapidly growing second stage company.

Catering Stations

There will be catering stations throughout the show. Dine and move around or sit down and relax for a moment.


Raffle Drawings

Raffle drawings will be held starting at 1:30pm. You must be present to claim your prize. Prizes donated by area businesses and show vendors.


Harley-Davidson Museum Tours

Guests will be treated to Harley-Davidson Museum tours.


Happy Hour

The first 250 guests to register will be given vouchers for a happy hour. We will have a cash bar as well as non-alcoholic beverages.


End of Show

Trees of Hope LOGO

Charitable Partnership

The Tool House has joined with Milwaukee based Trees for Hope to donate 100% of the proceeds generated from Technology & Torque to this charity.

Trees of Hope is a local philanthropic organization that is made up of all volunteers and is a true non profit.


We are proud to bring back our annual Technology Show to the best Industrial Venue in Milwaukee.

Harley-Davidson Museum®

400 W Canal St, Milwaukee, WI 53201
1 877 436-8738

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We have put together a top notch lineup of our manufacturers to present you with hands on demonstrations in the latest manufacturing tools.